The Elizabeth Seton Montessori School, a private, non sectarian educational program was founded in 1970 under the auspices of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill. Its mission is to provide:

  • Early childhood educational services to children ages 3 through 6, based upon the Montessori philosophy of Education.
  • An age appropriate curriculum that respects the independence and the individuality of each student while it promotes the development of social skills based on Christian values.
  • And environment that fosters a heightened awareness of the physical care of each person and the environment: the sensorial; the academic; the cultural and artistic dimensions of each child.
  • An active and direct involvement with each child so as to foster inner motivation and self discipline.
  • An alternative philosophy of education to families or guardians with young children residing in this particular geographic area.

The schoolÂ’s administrator and staff perceive their role as awakeners: as directors who allow children to discover and explore their creative potential.  Because they value the holistic approach to development, the staff empowers each child with the responsibility of actively embracing the process of learning in all spheres - physical, emotional, intellectual, interpersonal, and spiritual.  They are committed to regarding each child as a purposeful, spiritual being in a meaningful and interconnected world.